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TransIT Services of Frederick County offers free rides to cut fuel use on ‘Dump the Pump Day’

TransIT Services of Frederick County celebrates the 11th annual National Dump the Pump Day on Thursday by providing free rides on all Connector and shuttle routes.

Metro enters second surge of the ‘SafeTrack’ plan

Metro enters second surge of the ‘SafeTrack’ plan

Carpool as an alternative to Metro

Local leaders suggest rail riders and drivers begin to prepare now for how different phases of Metro work might impact their commutes over the next year.

What does it take to survive Metro’s SafeTrack? A lot of smart commuters.

Every few weeks or so for the next 10 months, one of the biggest transit systems in the United States is going to deliberately cripple itself and make it more difficult for people to get to work.

Metro needs a ‘significant amount of riders’ to avoid the system during major shutdown

With a major two-week 24/7 Metrorail shutdown beginning Saturday, Metro is urging riders to find other transit options to avoid a traffic mess.