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AAA offers tips for drivers during deer season

Motorists are being urged to stay focused and alert as deer mating season is creating deadly road hazards in Virginia. AAA Mid- Atlantic says thousands of deer-related crashes take place across the state each year, resulting in fatalities, injuries, and costly vehicle damage.

Washington’s streetcars in The Post, then and now

The Post’s Michael Laris on Thursday updated the status of the District’s effort to return streetcars to the city. We looked back through the archives, to the bygone age of streetcars in the District and elsewhere, to learn a little bit about what we might…

Montgomery County forming seven advisory groups for input on rapid transit corridors

Montgomery County businesses and residents have another month to decide if they want to serve on one of seven rapid transit corridor advisory committees.

D.C. police handing out fewer traffic tickets

D.C. police officers have focused their traffic enforcement on targeting drivers who fail to stop at stop signs, use cell phones while driving or drive without insurance, according to data provided from the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles.  

I-95 HOT lanes offering incentive to get more E-ZPass drivers

Since the 95 Express Lanes probably will open in December, the lane operators are interested in preparing their base of potential customers. That means making sure that as many drivers as possible have E-ZPass transponders.