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Md. officials remind passengers to buckle up this summer

On the eve of the summer driving season, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is offering simple advice: Wear a seat belt no matter what seat a passenger chooses.

DC scrutinizes dangerous intersections in search of fixes

In all, leaders are visiting five “high crash” intersections to look for ways to make them safer. Among them is the intersection of 14th Street and Columbia Road in Columbia Heights. The corner has been the site of nearly 100 accidents over a three-year period beginning…

Fine-tuning your holiday getaway strategy? Here’s help.

Thinking about getting ahead of the crowds and launching your Memorial Day weekend trip on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons? Not so fast.

Expect the unexpected from Metro’s new track-work plan

Metro has planned myriad closures for repairs this summer, fall and probably beyond. In addition, there are the usual random track problems wreaking havoc. People are leaking off Metro and onto the roads.

Top 30 traffic bottlenecks in Maryland

Bottlenecks or choke points continue to grow in the D.C. region as the number of cars and commuters grow, but without a dramatic rise in roadway capacity.