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Automated traffic management coming to I-66

The Virginia Department of Transportation embarked on a new project to ease traffic congestion and with any road project creating a short-term pain for drivers with the promise of long-term gain. On Nov. 10, VDOT began erecting gantries

Signs of the times: RideDC and Transit Screen’s SmartWalk

Most people have websites they visit to waste time at work. My new obsession is all about saving it: RideDC. The week-old tool from the District’s Department of Transportation lets folks input their address and create a dashboard showing real-time info on nearby buses, trains,…

Maryland launches phone app to fight drunk driving

The ENDUI app allows users to estimate their blood-alcohol level, test motor skills with games and call designated drivers. The app encourages users to report drunk drivers and warns that “driving with any amount of alcohol in your system may impair you and be illegal.”…

How to win $230 just for carpooling to work

The I-95 Express Lanes in Northern Virginia are about to open soon and if you are looking to carpool, there are 230 reasons why. The Commuter Connections Program will offer a cash incentive for new carpoolers — $230.  

New Ride On I-95 In Northern Virginia Will Be Pricey

Commuting in the I-95 corridor in Northern Virginia is about to change, possibly for the better, but the faster ride will not be cheap unless you are in an HOV-3 carpool. The typical toll on the 95 Express Lanes, 30 miles of EZ Pass-only toll…